The Door Within

An intentionally transparant allegory of salvation and spiritual realities. These tales span both our world and "The Realm," which is populated by our twin Glimpses and where the battle for men's hearts and minds is fought. Paragor and its allies continually wage war against the realms of King Eliam the Everlasting. Aidan, Robby, Antoinette and each member of their families must choose to believe in the Realm's reality, or scoff at it as a children's tale. Among those who acknowlege the Realm, will they serve Paragor, or King Eliam?

The Realm and our world were once one and the same, but after The Schism, the two were separated, with each human in our world having a twin in the other-- not human, but a Glimpse. Aidan reads of a kind, just ruler of the land Alleble, called King Eliam. Many years ago, this king was betrayed by his first lieutenant, Paragor, who decided that being second-in-command is no longer good enough for him. Paragor attempted to seize the throne by rounding up the King's most beloved servants & their families, threatening to burn them alive should King Eliam not let Paragor behead him. King Eliam sacrificed himself for his people (Paragor burned the servants alive anyway- only one child escaped), but at the moment when Paragor believed himself king, he & all his followers were thrown forcibly from Alleble by a mysteriously returned King Eliam. Since then, Paragor and his minions have waged an unlrelenting war on Alleble and its allies. Every Glimpse must side with either Eliam or Paragor, and their choice is shown by the color in their eyes-- red for Paragor's servants, blue for Eliam's. Those who side with Paragor or are taken prisoner by him are promised everlasting torment, but those who serve King Eliam are promised to be reunited with their earth twins in the Sacred Realm Beyond the Sun in everlasting joy.