The Heroes of Olympus

Set perhaps 2 months after the conclusion of Percy Jackson & the Olympians, this series brings in a new set of central characters (Leo, Piper and Jason), with the advantage of a familiar setting (Camp Half-Blood) and favorite characters in the background. From Book 1's (The Lost Hero) end, it appears that several of our friends --Percy, Annabeth, Rachel & good ol' Chiron, as well as the Olympians-- will play central roles in the coming sequels as well. Other friends are hovering the background, popping in every now and then to help us get our bearings (Thalia, Clarisse & Nico to name a few).

This series seems to be aimed at a bit older of an audience than the prior series, with two of the main characters beginning as boyfriend & girlfriend (plus the Percy-Annabeth relationship). Kissing is mentioned multiple times, and looks are far more central, perhaps due to Piper's being a daughter of Aphrodite. Regardless, there's a lot more description of so-and-so's good looks, and how it makes the narrator's heart race.

Far from being just "more of the same," this series adds whole new dimensions to the Olympic gods and their immortal world. The function of lesser gods, storm spirits and auras are brought into play, as well as a godly weather channel. Most importantly is the Roman aspect of the gods. Now Riordan tackles a slightly new angle on the old myths, which will again delight children who are studying or have studied Roman culture, history & mythology.