Septimus Heap

The adventures of the Heap family- Silas & Sarah and their seven sons (Simon, Sam, Edd, Erik, Jo-jo, Nicko & Septimus), as well as their adopted and much-beloved only daughter, Jenna. They live in a world full of Magyk (indicated by non-standard spelling and capitalization), spreading from the Wizard Tower throughout the Palace, Castle, adjoining Ramblings and the Port beyond. Septimus, being the seventh son of a seventh son, is especially full of it, and finds himself the apprentice of the Extra-Ordinary Wizard, the intimidating, purple-shoed Marcia Overstrand. He also manages to apprentice himself to the Last Alchymest, Marcellus Pye, despite living 500 years later than said alchemist, but that's another story (Physik). Did I mention that Jenna is also the Crown Princess, hunted by the evil Substantial Spirit of her great-great-great-grandmother? Or that Simon, jealous of his youngest brother's talents, has apprenticed himself to DomDaniel, the wicked necromancer who just won't die!? No? Well, now I have, so settle yourselves in for a ride full of twists and turns in this series.