The Battle of the Labyrinth

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3 stars-- plot, originality, characters/settings

Entertaining, especially would be great for students learning about the Greek myths. This book has an absolutely hilarious (and insightful!!) chapter in which Percy & his friends are interrogated by a thoroughly modernized Sphynx... yes, it is a wonderful satire on the standardized method of testing.

Cautions? As with this whole series, the parents of the protagonists are immoral; every child (except Athena's children) are conceived outside of wedlock, often as a result of broken promises, and are raised in broken homes. Makes for a nebulous moral backdrop. BUT this is an accurate representation of the old myths.

The bottom line of this book?

Talking points:
-- Discuss the character, power(s) & morality of the gods in this book. They are just very-big, very-old, very-powerful people. Nothing divine or Different in them; they're just stronger and older. How much better is our Holy God, who does not sin, does not change, never is capricious, nor confused!
-- Talk through the section poking fun at testing methods. Could use this as a time to introduce "satire" as a literary device.

3 stars: for plot (good rollicking fun), originality, believable characters/settings. Lost points due to its somewhat fuzzy morals and for the ho-hum writing.

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