Beautiful, Oops!

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Great message, great delivery. WOW presentation.

There's a new children's book that has captured my fancy. Called Beautiful, Oops!, it is a whole new type of pop-up book, celebrating the potential in every "mistake." The book itself is a study in creativity-- totally thinking "outside the box." This would be a GREAT way to start a discussion with your children on God as Redeemer; One who reclaims for Himself what is captive, ugly and wrong, making it beautiful, holy and right by His very presence. This book brings home the "mistakes are opportunities for good" very effectively, but it's up to you to apply that to your child spiritually-- sometimes, our mistakes hurt others very deeply, and it is only God's grace that can bring anything good out of something like that.

I wouldn't classify this as a "board book," and so wouldn't recommend leaving it with a toddler unattended. You might find more "oops" than you like and would hate to have to tape this book back together (or try to, anyway). That said, even a very young child would enjoy this in the hands of a parent! Could be useful in an art class, or in helping a child struggling with perfectionism.

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