The Last Olympian

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4 stars-- plot, writing, characters/settings, originality

The Percy Jackson series wraps up without disappointment. The good guys win, and are rewarded, Percy chooses doing the right thing over immortality, and of course gets the right girl. I liked seeing the gods' personalities develop over the series, turning them from cardboard mythological characters to real people.

Cautions? As with this whole series, the parents of the protagonists are immoral; every child (except Athena's children) are conceived outside of wedlock, often as a result of broken promises, and are raised in broken homes. Makes for a nebulous moral backdrop. BUT this is an accurate representation of the old myths.

The bottom line of this series? Seems to be to give everyone a place to belong (lest you hurt many and they turn into enemies of the good!), and to be loyal to your friends and family above all else, no matter how broken and sinful they are. By loyal, the series doesn't mean indulgent or tolerant of sin, but rather to love them and plead with them to do what is right even if they seem too far gone, and you have to fight against them to the death in the end.

Talking points:
-- Discuss the character, power(s) & morality of the gods in this book. They are just very-big, very-old, very-powerful people. Nothing divine or Different in them; they're just stronger and older. How much better is our Holy God, who does not sin, does not change, never is capricious, nor confused!
-- What does it mean to be truly loyal to a friend? (may want to refer to Proverbs 27:6; "Faithful are the wounds of a friend...")

4 stars: for plot (good rollicking fun), writing, (best of this series), believable characters & settings. Lost a point due to its somewhat fuzzy morals.

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