Kidderminster Kingdom Tales

I bought all 5 Kingdom Tales in one volume, so I will review them as one book, though they are also available as separate hardcover books. The Tales are: Sir Humphery's Honeystand, Mrs. Beaver & the Wolf at the Door, Nicolas & His Neighbors, Cornelius T. Mouse and Sons, and King Leonard's Celebration. Sir Humphery's story tells of the ungrateful servant. Mrs. Beaver is the persistent widow begging for help from an unjust judge. Nicolas the dog learns the meaning of neighbor love at the paws of his Good Samaritan, a cat. Cornelius T. Mouse lives out fatherly love on both of his sons, and King Leonard throws a party which only the sick and poor decide to attend. Sound familiar? Each tale is a retelling of one of Jesus' fairy tales, otherwise known as "parables." Christopher Lane's versions have (very human) animals as their subjects, and all take place in the Kingdom of Kidderminster.

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