Western History

Time Cat

Jason's cat, Gareth, reveals to him the secret of cats' "nine lives." They can visit 9 different lives; any place, any century. He takes Jason with him. Egypt, Rome, Britain, Ireland, Japan, Peru, The Isle of Man, Germany & the almost-independant British Colony in the Americas all are visited, with many lessons learned!

A wonderful overview of world history!

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The Lost Hero

Jason awakens on a bus in the middle of the Arizona Desert, surrounded by kids his own age and being bossed around by a coach. He has no idea who he is, nor who the people around him are. They are soon attacked by storm spirits, and Jason instinctively knows what they are and how to fight them. He and two other students- Piper, who says she's his girlfriend, and Leo, who says he's his best friend- are rescued by Annabeth & Butch (a new demigod), and are flown to Camp Half-Blood. By order of Zeus, Mt. Olympus has cut off communication with all mortals, including Camp Half-Blood. Something strange is definitely going on. Chiron realizes who Jason is and where he is from, but won't divulge anything. Soon all three friends are claimed by their godly parents, and they are sent off on a quest to save Hera from an unknown super-powerful enemy. All along, Jason is trying to discover who he is, where he's spent the past 12 years, and why each of them has been selected by Hera for this quest. The fulfillment of the second Great Prophecy is being revealed.

I truly savored this book, relishing the slow revealing of the parallel Roman aspects.

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The Burning Bridge

The second book in the series follows hot on the heels of the first book, time-wise. While I still find the dialogue & humor a bit forced, and the movement of the plot to be less-than-smooth, the characters are engaging enough to make me want to read the next book. I am enjoying the relationship of Horace & Will progress from competitors who do not get along to trusted allies and best friends.

Students familiar with Roman history will delight to recognize the historical Horatius Cocles, who, along with two of his officers, defended a bridge against the Etruscans by destroying it behind himself. Horace, Will and Evanlyn, anyone?

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