The Violet Keystone

The final installment in the series begins with the Castle in utter turmoil. Milla has unleashed Light Magic she cannot control, and Tal has been taken by Fashnek to the Hall of Nightmares. He is able to use his ever-growing skill, as well as his bond with the Icecarls, to awake from Fashnek's machine and to free himself. Great-Uncle Ebbit, who, it turns out, was NOT killed by Tal's magic, finds Milla and her overstretched band, and takes them through dangerous passages up to the Violet Tower. Tal too is there and together they climb to the highest part of the Castle. Sushin overtakes them and Sharrakor steps from his body, speaking words of power that rip Tal & Milla's Spiritshadows- Adras & Odris- from them, nearly killing them from the shock. Quickly Crow speaks the incantation to take them to Aenir to try and rejoin their spirit companions. Ebbit arrives seconds later and takes Malen, the young Crone accompanying Milla, with him to Aenir as well. There the Chosen set their Spiritshadows free, and begin looking for Zicka, their smal Aeniran friend. The Veil is nearly gone, but the Red Keystone, which Tal had rescued and Lokar had re-sealed, is able to keep it going for 7 more days. Zicka informs them that Sharrakor- the Overlord of all the Spiritbeings of Aenir- is in the whirlwhind known as the Old Kamsoul, seeking to learn all the secret names of the Aenirans in order to have absolute power to command them. They hatch a bold plan to have Tal, Milla, Malen, Odris, Adras & Crow fly above the whirlwind and drop them down into the middle of it to confront Sharrakor. Their crazy plan works, and through the courageous self-sacrifice of Crow, they even manage to defeat Sharrakor. The threat to their world gone, Tal returns home to find himself declared Emperor of both Chosen and Freefolk (as the Underfolk are now called), with his whole family restored to him. Milla, too is honored by her people, the War-Chief and the wielder of both Talons of Danir. The two peoples- Chosen and Icecarl- are now allies, with both committed to eliminating slavery in their world.

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