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So What About that Grouchy Ladybug?

Yesterday we talked about whether it is truly wise to restrict children's "interaction" with scary situations via story (ghosts, goblins, monsters, dragons, bad guys, etc.) I've known other children who were similarly restricted, not so much about scary things, but about "getting the wrong idea" from reading about disobedient, or disrespectful children. I was one of those kids, actually. As is my habit, this topic has been stewing in my brain for the past few days... As parents, is it wise to let our children see, hear, or read about those who act foolishly? What does Scripture say about this?

Favorite Picture Books

A love for books starts early; when little eyes see pages turning in another's hands and watch eyes scan across little black dots. Literary love is kindled in a parent's lap, as pictures appear and exciting words are spoken clearly in a small, eager ear.

It's so fun for me to watch my one-year-old daughter pick up her books, and "read" them, with cadenced, expressive jabberings, or at times with silent changes of expression, as if she really is thinking about what is happening in the pictures. I love watching her "read" books I've read to her repeatedly, and hear her say the few words she knows at the appropriate spots, or make the noises I always do at a particular picture (a munching sound at a picture of a frog catching a fly, for instance).

A friend recently asked me for a list of fun books for little kids, and here is what I came up with (in no particular order):

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